PTO Agenda – August 27, 2019

Board Members:
Jenny Bierma Email/Website, PToffice (Volunteer emails)
Shayna Cram Chair, Race for Education, Cherrydale Fundraiser
Trina Driscoll Treasurer, Super Saver Discount Books, Race for Education
Jenny Eilerman Hospitality, Dance Flowers
Nicole Klinkner Hospitality, Dance Flowers
Katie Parsons Donuts with Dad, Morning with Mom, Daycare
Karin Scruggs Collectibles
Jessica Thormodsgard Secretary, Mornings with Mom, Donuts with Dad

Parents Present:

Teachers Present:

Secretary’s Report:

See posted minutes

Treasurer’s Report/Trina Driscoll:
1. Savings:  1200.39
2. Checking:  25,706.80
3. Expenditures since last meeting:

Pay for Recess/PE stuff, more recess stuff 400+,

Teachers Report/Requests:

Principal Report/Mr. Beert:

Smart hallways are in place,

PTO Old Business:
1. Birthday treats  (Oct, May  will be donuts from Dad and Mom) – we are not doing the other months anymore.
2. PTO Billing Code-New policy for teachers to request money from PTO. All purchases will be requested through the district office and teachers will be informed about this.

PTO New Business
1. Collectibles contest – Begins Sept 30 th –
a. Posters for tracking totals – track and some rings

Box tops are going to scanning – shayna will check it out
b. Prize for winning class – Pizza on sub club day from little cesears

2. Donuts with Dad – Oct 4 th – Jess/Katie

Shayna will ask Katie to call Anne and see if Kevins wants to donate –  We would love to promote Kevins generous donation to these amazing events.

3. Chip Shoppe Fundraiser Dates
a. Kickoff – Oct 14 th – Shayna will check with Rep about maybe the 11th Kick off or maybe books will go home still on the 11th.
b. End Date – Oct 28 th – Need a helper to deal with Money
c. Delivery – Dec 5 th  – 2 helpers

4. Anything else?

all dates in 1 sheet page – jenny will do and then send home with students

Website Stuff-

Fine tuning the new purchase order number and how teachers request money to be reimbursed from PTO. – jenny will do this and get to teachers.

make a list of things we need help with. (all)

Motion to adjourn

Next meeting date –

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