PTO Agenda  – October 10, 2019

Board Members:

Jenny Bierma Email/Website, PToffice (Volunteer emails)

Shayna Cram Chair, Race for Education, Cherrydale Fundraiser

Trina Driscoll Treasurer, Super Saver Discount Books, Race for Education

Jenny Eilerman Hospitality, Dance Flowers

Nicole Klinkner Hospitality, Dance Flowers

Katie Parsons Donuts with Dad, Morning with Mom, Daycare

Karin Scruggs Collectibles

Jessica Thormodsgard Secretary, Morning with Mom, Donuts with Dad

Shana Frederickson Collectibles, Cherrydale Fundraiser


Parents Present:


Teachers Present:

Mrs. Sanders,

Secretary’s Report:

see last months minutes

Treasurer’s Report/Trina Driscoll:

  1. Savings:   $1200.39
  2. Checking:  $23,030.42
  3. Expenditures since last meeting: Planetarium $650, Dan – $500, Snack Cart – $500, Ms. Rogers – $95, $35 to after prom


Teachers Report/Requests:

Sea Life Field Trip upcoming for 2nd graders

Principal Report/Mr. Beert:


PTO Old Business:


  1. Donuts with Dad 
    1. How did it go?  Fantastic  around 800 people or more. Minimal back up. 
    2. Did we have enough of everything?  80 dozen donuts, 20 gallons of juice, 4 cases of bananas


  1. Collectibles contest 
    1. How is it going?  Decent

Shana F will make a flyer for PeachJar to recurrently send to parents each month about scanning box tops

  1. Super Saver Coupon Books
    1. How many coupon books did we sell?   $6,750 – half that   $3380
    2. How many are still out? 125


  1. Cherrydale Kickoff was Monday
    1. Fundraiser will run for 3 weeks this year

Kids want the cows

5. Website updated and billed

a. Was only $449.00 this year due to site changes but we only get 70,000 emails

(we sent 320 at a time, thats still 215 emails)

PTO New Business


  1. Conferences November 21st and 25th
    1. Jenny E will take care of emails and we will still do potluck.  If we dont have enough we will still just buy some things.


  1. Update from Jenny E about online apparel sales?

United Team – We can set our prices, can we use school logo?

Jess will talk to Karissa on Monday if PTO can use (booster club?)

Karissa has a file she can share with the knight in the gym, Kelly Flemming is the booster club person to talk to about any of those knights.  Branding will be a process and it will take some years to happen.  They just don’t want us using clip art.  So when we want to do this then talk to those two people about it.

Shayna is buying towels and more tupperware.

2. Planetarium scheduled to come Monday and Tuesday.

a. Need 2 volunteers for set up Monday 9-10

b. Need 2 volunteers for take down Tuesday at 1:15-2.


Motion to adjourn


Next meeting date – November 14, 2019 @ 6:30 pm in the Media Center

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