PTO Agenda  – November 14, 2019

Board Members:

Jenny Bierma Email/Website, PToffice (Volunteer emails)

Shayna Cram Chair, Race for Education, Cherrydale Fundraiser

Trina Driscoll Treasurer, Super Saver Discount Books, Race for Education

Jenny Eilerman Hospitality, Dance Flowers

Shana Frederickson Collectibles, Cherrydale Fundraiser

Nicole Klinkner Hospitality, Dance Flowers

Katie Parsons Donuts with Dad, Morning with Mom, Daycare

Karin Scruggs Collectibles

Jessica Thormodsgard Secretary, Morning with Mom, Donuts with Dad


Parents Present:


Teachers Present:

Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Graupman, Mrs. Ulman

Secretary’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report/Trina Driscoll:

  1. Savings: $1,200.39
  2. Checking:  $41,468.18
  3. Expenditures since last meeting: 

$35 After Prom and Cherrydale Payment

Teachers Report/Requests:

Mrs. Graupman says thank you for the new smaller playground equipment. Plans to replace worn equipment for PE.

Principal Report/Mr. Beert:

Received Grant for $20K – Order barton reading and spelling system, about $10-$11K, used for tiered support that could be used in sped or regular room for kids who need additional support.

Based around Ortin Gillingham, a leveled system. Every child starts at level 1 and moves up. Based around dyslexia trainings.

Veteran’s Day concert went well.

PTO Old Business:

  1. Cherrydale Fundraiser Update

Profit is $15,346.30. Donations were about $200. Dan will have to have a pie in his face. About 20 students get to have a limo ride. 53% sold items. – Catalogs were very different, will have to decide if we’re going to do the same company again.

2. Planetarium visit

    1. How did it go? Kids liked it a lot. 
    2. Any changes for next year? Not sure that the church has the right things – going to ask Joel about if available.

3. Collectibles

    1. How did we do this year? Collected around $270 box tops. Will be in addition to the online $600 that is listed in the app. Harguth’s Class won the classroom
    2. Any changes to be made? Checked with HyVee in New Ulm. Does not participate in that program. Karin is going to go around and scan receipts during the week.


PTO New Business


  1. Conference Meals – Email to parents

Going to FB post tonight, only 1/4th signed up

  1. Angel Tree Donation

Voted yes, $50

  1. Winter Showcase – January 26th

Dance flowers are going to happen, they’re working with the florist.

  1. Coupon Book sales for next year
    1. Do we continue – profits down – parents say that it’s too much. Decided to talk about it next time.


If we want to do the Clothing sale the “branding” is happening but it will take some time.  We can contact Karissa for a copy of the Knight that is used and also Kelly Fleming can be contacted from Booster club for possible sharing of the knights they use.  The main thing is they do not want us using Clip Art.  So feel free to connect with them and utilize those knights for clothing sales.

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