PTO Agenda  – March 12, 2020

Board Members:

Jenny Bierma Email/Website, PToffice (Volunteer emails)

Shayna Cram Chair, Race for Education, Cherrydale Fundraiser

Trina Driscoll Treasurer, Super Saver Discount Books, Race for Education

Jenny Eilerman Hospitality, Dance Flowers

Shana Frederickson Collectibles, Cherrydale Fundraiser

Nicole Klinkner Hospitality, Dance Flowers

Katie Parsons Donuts with Dad, Morning with Mom, Daycare

Karin Scruggs Collectibles

Jessica Thormodsgard Secretary, Morning with Mom, Donuts with Dad

Laurie Nelson Conference Potluck Set Up


Parents Present:


Teachers Present:


Secretary’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report/Trina Driscoll:

  1. Savings: $1197.99
  2. Checking:  $42,387.81
  3. Expenditures since last meeting: 


Teachers Report/Requests:


Principal Report/Mr. Beert:

Interviews Thursday for the Art Teacher, Kindergarten Round Up- K-62, 10-12 knights plus, Title 1 -Literacy Night went well-40 kids -5 different stations -will do again in the fall.  Readathon- went really well, Young Writers -went well this week.

PTO Old Business:


  1. Spring Collectibles
    1. Total raised: Box Tops-192.30, Hyvee-
    2. Harguth’s class won – getting a pizza party on Friday, March 13th


  1. Spring Conference Meals 
    1. How did it go? Went really well both days.
      1. Maybe list items individual in the sign up


  1. Read-A-Thon 
    1. How did it go? –
      1. $1668 with a total of 199,770 minutes read during the month of February
      2. 97 books  were purchased for classrooms from the teacher wish list
      3. 38 books were given to students from contests


PTO New Business


  1. Teacher Appreciation Week – May 4th – 8th
    1. Ideas –
      1. trail mix
      2. Potluck
      3. Send home half sheet to parents with ideas
      4. expo markers,
      5. Sharpies
      6. fruit n yogurt and granola,
      7. flair pens,
      8. Appreciation station – bring a book for the class
      9. From kids: fav treat, color, flowers, cards
      10. gum
      11. Order 8 dozen extra donuts for Friday


  1. Mornings with Mom and Race for Education – May 8th
    1. Things to do – Katie ordered donuts and juice
    2. Jess will email Andy Mathews
    3. Still need to check on Napkins and cups
    4. Jess – count boats and purchase if needed


  1. Anything else?


Motion to adjourn


Next meeting date – April 16th at 6:30 pm in the Media Center

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