PTO Agenda  – October 8, 2020

Board Members:

Jenny Bierma Email/Website, PToffice (Volunteer emails)

Shayna Cram Chair, Race for Education, Clubs Choice Fundraiser

Trina Driscoll Treasurer, Super Saver Discount Books, Race for Education

Jenny Eilerman Hospitality, Dance Flowers

Shana Frederickson Collectibles, Clubs Choice Fundraiser

Nicole Klinkner Hospitality, Dance Flowers

Katie Parsons Donuts with Dad, Morning with Mom, Daycare

Karin Scruggs             Collectibles

Jessica Thormodsgard Secretary, Morning with Mom, Donuts with Dad

Parents Present:

Teachers Present:

Jenna Johnson, Karla Caldwell, Blaine

Secretary’s Report:

See Minutes

Treasurer’s Report/Trina Driscoll:

  1. Savings: 1206.42
  2. Checking:  36,702.09
  3. Expenditures since last meeting: PTO Office App-$449, Snack Cart Donation-500, Dans Fund -500. 

Teachers Report/Requests:

Request for Sanders 2nd grade teacher-$250 (they are dividing theirs up)-social distancing and

Principal Report/Mr. Beert:


PTO Old Business


  1. Brain Pop Jr. for purchase for whole school 
    1. Spent around $1300 for K-3 to get this.


  1. Super Saver Coupon Books – how did sales go?
    1. Lot of books out
    2. Water bottles-
    3. If we do just the oldest – put both names on


  1. Chip Shoppe Fundraiser
    1. Orders due October 26th
    2. Delivery December 3rd


  1. Collectibles – do we have something to send out to parents?

Shana will give Jenny details to send something out.

  1. PTOffice – is an email ready to send to parents?
    1. Parents to update their childs information.


PTO New Business



  1. Conferences November 19th & 23rd
    1. Meal planning
      1. Lakes $8 dollars a cold meal (chicken pecan, deli, or wrap -coleslaw, potato salad or chips and cookie)
      2. Wooden Spoon $9 (cold sandwich, salad and cookie)
      3. Cub West ( decent trays)


  1. Planetarium options

Out of city scholarship program. Can’t bring the planetarium to us but can scholarship some and bring it to us virtually.

  1. Anything else?
    1. Tree Free- Launch your own school store – Jenna sent Shayna an email about this.


Motion to adjourn


Next meeting date – February 11th at 6:30 pm in the Cafeteria

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