Our school collects a number of different items that in turn, earn money.  The PTO holds a collectible competition two times each school year during the months of October and March.  We hold a classroom competition to see which classroom brings in the most points for their room.  The winning class for the month of October will win a pizza party.

You will be asked to count and total the collectibles over the weekends of the contest. Return them to school the following Monday morning. All bags, rubber bands, and glue are provided.  Each cap, label, or receipt counts as 1 point.  Please put the orange sheet and extra bags into the plastic bag, then the brown bag, and return to school.

Box Tops for Education

Cannot be expired Need to be cut on the dotted line

Box tops need to be counted in amounts of 50,  Each set of 50 should go in a small plastic snack bag.

If less than 50 please write the number on a piece of paper and put it on the inside of the bag

Bonus box tops should be bundled separately and indicate on the outside of the plastic bag how many points (just count as 1 point each for classroom competition)

HyVee Receipts

Have to be from Mankato HyVee’s Dated after September 1, 2017.

Throw away any other receipts.

Add the total of all the receipts together and place them in a plastic bag indicating what the total amount is on a piece of paper inside the bag

Loaves 4 Learning

Please glue the UPCs to the sheets provided and place them in one of the gallon size bags.

Indicate with a sticky note how many total UPCs there are on the sheets.

Milk Moola Bag Tops

Bind with a rubber band and indicate the total in each bundle with a sticky note on the bundle

Kemps Nickels for Schools, Land-O-Lakes Milk Caps program, and Label’s for Education (Campbell’s Soup Labels) have been discontinued, please throw any Kemps or Land-O-Lakes milk caps or proof of purchases away!

If you have any questions please contact us at lcwmpto@gmail.com